Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Beach Breaks

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend, I definitely did. What did you girls all get up to? :)
One thing I love about coming home is being by the seaside. It's actually been pretty warm as well, can't wait for my summer break after uni. Also applied for a job at the water-park. Hope I get it :)
Went out for my friend's 22nd Birthday on Friday, which was really fun, had cocktails in Mambos and danced ourselves silly in Venue Torquay.
Mum made a chocolate cola cake and put mini-eggs on top :D it was so delicious. Also made her make some chocolate cornflake cakes - still act like a kid ^__^ she bought mint flavoured syrup by mistake, but they actually tasted even better with a minty taste lol. Had a roast dinner with the family and then went down to the new beach hut my mum and dad have.
Here are a few photos of my week :)


  1. The cakes look yummy! Really great photos. I'll definitely visit your blog from now on. ♥

  2. The cakes have made me so hungry! Hahah, lovely blog, I'm glad I found you. Look forward to seeing more xxxx Following :)

  3. That chocolate cake looks AMAZING. Seeing that makes me completely forget overdosing on choc just a few days ago!