Thursday, 18 July 2013

Down Under.

November couldn't come sooner. Thank you to Global Work & Travel Co they have tempted me into going on a working holiday 'Down Under' - I've never been so excited to be going, it hasn't become real yet. I was looking through so many places to decide which Gap Year programme to take up and nothing appealed to me. I've aso found jobs in fashion for sale and internships which is fantastic, hope it goes as well as I want it to. Everything is paying off slowly which is great, and visa is on it's way.

I came across Global and they phoned up telling me all about themselves and the company, dicussing packages and what's involved. Some people say about going and organizing everything yourselves, but I'm working literally everyday this summer and also it's a lot more settling knowing it's being handled by travel experts. They also do packages for volunteer & internships in Canada, USA, New Zealand & France.

CHECK THEM OUT @ Global Work and Travel Co 

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  1. I am so envious!!! This sounds amazing I will definitely check them out!