Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wednesday Wonderful

Hey girls :) glad to be back on the blog. Apologises for my absence, been very busy over the summer working a lot. But I'm back and starting off with my new weekly post.
I created 'Wednesday Wonderful' - You always find those little odd sweet things on the internet that I just adore, as I've shown you in previous posts which has gone really well with you all. So I thought a weekly post EVERY wednesday will keep you intrigued :)
Being at university as well I didn't want my blogging to slip, plus I have got back into my textiles over the summer which will be posting up on here from orders I've made personally for others.

But carrying on with my 1st ever 'Wednesday Wonderful' - remember to comment girls, need your opinions and feedback on it all. It's about little things I find that i adore and share with you each Wednesday and edited by me. 

These are my first few things I found over these past weeks that I loved. I wanted the red dress so badly :( but can't get my size anywhere. That bag is definitely on my Christmas list ;)

1. Skinny Jeans//MotelRocks//£58.00
2. Collar Necklace//H&M//£5.99
3. Mink Frame Handbag//DorothyPerkins//£29.50
4. Skull Platform Boots//MotelRocks//£185.00
5. Dress//H&M//£29.99
6. Drop Spike Earrings//BooHoo//£5.00 


  1. I really like that dress, the collar is so cute! I hope you find one in your size.

    The Style Rawr!

  2. Oh wow I love/want/need both the platform boots and the Dorothy Perkins bag! Both are just lovely! :-)
    And I hope you manage to find the dress in you size soon!


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